Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alone on a desert island.

We've only seen it in movies, have we? Like in the movie "Cast Away", a man survives a plane crash and, surprisingly, finds his way to some island he is lucky to find. Imagine all the challenges you face. You don't have any shelter, you don't know where to get food. So you can easily say it's pretty hard being on one.
Can you think of any bright side of being all alone in such place? I do... you can do whatever the heck you want, without being nagged about what how what you're doing is wrong. That'd be awesome, don't think? There are no rules, only the ones you set for yourself, which I don't think you'd do. You can do anything and everything in the world. The ancient Greek historian Thucydides said: “The secret of happiness is freedom". So go find yourself some abandoned pile of dirt in the middle of the ocean. See what you can achieve there.
But as time goes by, wouldn't it get boring? I mean, there's no one to talk to. Except if you talk to animals, which is weird. You should get help if you do... which you can't get, because you're alone on this piece of rock. There are no computers, no mailman who comes to give you your Sunday newspaper, so you're completely isolated from the outside world.
So it comes to a point where you want to leave this cursed rock and go back to your normal life. So you try building a raft out bamboo, sea turtles, and tree branches. But as you push your poorly built creation out into the sea, it gets torn apart by puny waves and the least bit of current. Next thing you do is try and put the jungle in flames in hopes of that a helicopter or airplane is able to see the smoke. Bad thing you didn't think that plan through, because you just burnt your shelter down. And even worse than burning down your shelter, you just turned your precious food into ashes... how do you feel about that? Not very amusing, right? You better think twice before wishing to be alone on a desert island.

^ Yup, that's your doing right here. ^


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